Hello everyone, today I will introduce a new service, It is the link wrap service of https://cloaking.vn. It is a relatively new service for people who wishing to sell prohibited items (violating facebook policies) such as adult product, products of famous brands , …
To understand how it works, please follow my guide below .

1.What is Cloaking.vn ?

Cloak, also known as link wrap, It is a tool to help mask Bot and Facebook’s censorship teams and other ads networks.

The service will redirect customers to the SELLING page, while the Facebook censorship team will turn to a site (Not Policy violations and Facebook COMMUNITY STANDARDS. )

Cloaking.vn is only for who need to run ads selling forbidden items ( the Policy violations ) but often die accounts, domain names for unknown reasons.

It was born to help you run ads selling forbidden items in a simple way, low cost and most effective.

2.Benefits and Advantages

Block the entire Bot and Facebook’s Censorship teams can not access the SELLING page. (Refund if you can prove bot is in )

Cloaking.vn buy Domain automatically , change pages clean. Minimize complex processes.

Integrated Click measuring system, Differentiate between Bot and Buyers, visual statistical chart.
It takes no time to assign measurement code via Google Analytics, …

Statistical chart of cloaking.vn

Automatically create shortened links to the most effective Campaign.

Make money with Cloaking.VN
Each successful referrer, when arising a deposit transaction on the web you will receive 10% refund on your account, you can withdraw money or use all services on Cloaking.vn

link wrap with cloaking.vn

For more detailed information on how to make a deposit, packages, domain name assignment, domain purchase, campaign creation, statistics view, please click on the link here
And here is my ref link, you could sign up here :
or go direct https://cloaking.vn/
If you have any question, you could send me a message to this facebook or directly on home page. Thank for reading