In the previous article, I introduced an overview of If you didn’t know what is it, you can read more here

Now I’ll guide you how to use It’s quite easy


Select the “Deposit” page on the toolbar. The system displays information about the transfer account, you transfer it according to the instructions
Note: When transferring money, write the correct syntax (cloak your_user_name) to the system to automatically activate (1-3 minutes)

deposit Services manual of CLOAKING.VN

Check deposit history

Deposit history list appears

2.Buy packages

To buy a package on ,you need ccess to the package purchase item

Choose the package you want to buy

3.Assign an existing domain name on

Add new and enter the domain name you already own

Add the record to the domain’s dns manager, then wait 10-15 minutes to verify

After you have verified the dns as shown in the image to connect the domain to the server

4.Buy new domain names automatically

Buy domain name on the system (automatically activated and verified)

buy new domain name automatically Services manual of CLOAKING.VN

New domain purchase section

Notice : Using .com and .net domain names will increase the reliability of domain names with facebook, restricting the use of .xyz and .site domain names

5.Creating a campaign

Create a campaign on

create a campaign Services manual of CLOAKING.VN

Enter the basic information (campaign name, URL)
Optimize the campaign: assign 2 urls as a clean page then on the camp, when the camp works and fix the url traffic into a sales page

optimize the campaign

6.Statistical chart

Overview on

overview Statistical chart Services manual of CLOAKING.VN


details Statistical chart Services manual of CLOAKING.VN

7.Earn money

Use the Link above to recommend to your friends to receive offers
Each successful referrer, when arising a deposit transaction on the web you will receive 10% refund on your account, can withdraw real money or use all services on

earn money by referrer

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That’s all about user manual about . If you need help,you can message directly on or let me know behind.Thanks