What is Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)?
Remote Desktop is a feature on the Windows system – allows you to connect and control one Windows computer from another Windows computer. In this article, i will show you How to connect VPS with Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop is a solution to use remote Windows PCs very effectively, fast & with high security. You can connect and control any Windows computer remotely from the Windows computer you are using.

Two devices must have a network connection (local or Internet) and need two conditions to connect:

The Windows machine you want to connect to (VPS Windows) must turn on Allow the Remote User Connection mode via Remote Desktop.

The Windows machine you use to connect (your Laptop or PC) must have the ip & User Account on the other computer. This information will be entered into Remote Desktop Connection to proceed with connecting and using Windows VPS from Laptop / PC.

Turn on the feature that enables Remote Desktop on Windows

Note: On the first time remote VPS, we need to click on View Console the newly created Windows VPS.

How to connect VPS with Remote Desktop Connection

All versions of Windows default to disabled the Remote Desktop, so if we want to connect vps with RDC to any computer, we must turn on this feature on that computer first.

Depending on the version of Windows, the Remote Desktop item opens in many different ways. But it is all in Control Panel -> System & Security -> System!

Allow Remote Desktop on Windows 7

remote desktop connection setting

Then choose as below

Allow Remote Desktop on Windows 8,10

how to connect VPS with Remote Desktop Connection

Now we can use Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection application is available on Windows, we just need to call it out to enter information and connect!

Windows 7, 8 or 10, the fastest way is to type Remote Desktop Connection in the search box and open it up:

To connect VPS with RDC, first you need choose it and open.

Then enter the required information including:

– IP address of the device to connect to (IP of VPS Windows)

– User name and password, by default Adminstrator information (On VPS Windows).

IP of VPS Windows you see as below:

Watch IP vps for connecting on Remote Desktop Connection

Administrator username & password just now created when installing Win on VPS Vultr. Do you remember? If you forger you can create another one.

Enter the IP in the Computer and select Connect:

Connect to RDC

Username information (Administrator will be available) you just need to enter the Password, tick the Remember my credentials to save information for the next connection.

connect VPS with RDC

If you get error on Username,we could type localaccount\username and still type the password to connect

Done, from now on, you just need to open Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect directly to Windows VPS without having to re-enter the IP or User / Pass information.

finish connect VPS with Remote Desktop Connection

That’s all tutorial “How to connect VPS with Remote Desktop Connection” .If you want to manage many VPS on Remote Desktop Connection easily, you can read it here . If you have any questions please leave your comment below. Goodluck.